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Powerful, Accurate Milling Machines at Great Prices

Our  X4 CNC Mill is the perfect mix of accuracy and reliability. It will give your shop or home a machine you can afford now and grow with for years to come. Call Jeff at Syil America Inc. at 541-404-7999 for the best quality products in a great price range to fit your needs. Your complete satisfaction is always our #1 priority!
X4 standard mills

Hobby CNC, Hobby CNC Mill, Small CNC Milling Machine, X4 Standard Mill Starting at - $6,495.00

The X4 Standard has a stylish industrial design while priced right for your shop or garage. It has remarkable precision machining and features a high-quality heavy duty casting to achieve functionality and durability all combined in one package. This product brings affordable pricing with high value to our customers which provide effective means of growth into the future.

Some of the options of the X4 Standard CNC milling machine are:
  • Mach3 PC software (175.00)
  • Optional DYN4 AC servo upgrade (1,200)
  • 4th axis package includes tail stock and chuck (1,100)
  • Professional tooling package including 4th Axis Kit (1,880)


X4 standard mills specifications
X4 CNC machine

Hobby CNC Mills, Personal CNC, Small CNC Mills, Benchtop CNC Mills, X4 - $8,980.00

X4 Combo CNC milling machine is built especially for the home hobbyist. It is the most advanced small mill on today's market ranging from $6,500 - $9,000. It has full 3D capability and the combo series includes flood coolant, automatic lubrication system, computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. All standard equipment make this machine a great turnkey solution.

The enclosure is made of high-quality steel and has a very rigid structure. The three-door axis points from front and both sides make the machine setup a breeze. The enclosure also includes heavy-duty caster wheels to make moving and setup simple.

Some of the options of the X4 Combo CNC milling machine are:
  • Mach3 PC controller software   (175.00)
  • Optional DYN4 AC servo system   (1,200)
  • Optional 4th axis package includes tail stock & chuck   (1,100)
  • Optional 6,000 rpm BT30 spindle with pneumatic draw bar   (1,500)
  • Professional tooling package with 4th axis kit   (1,880)


X4 CNC machine specifications
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