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About Syil America Inc. 

High-Quality Machines at Great Prices

Established in 2006, Syil America Inc. provides the highest quality machines at the best value. Dependability and repeatability are above and beyond competition in this price range. Our machines are the best you can buy in the USA.

We contribute to our society by manufacturing dependable and reliable small, high-speed, high-precision machine tools to hopefully assist in the development of businesses and the well-being of their employees.  
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SYIL AEX250 Precision CNC Lathe

Learn More About Jeff Dossiere - Owner and Operator 

Power Draw Bar System BT30 Spindle Type
Our founder started as trade and manufacturing in the IT industry where he came to the understanding that the industrial machinery available was not able to produce high-quality small parts. 
SYIL AEX250 Precision CNC Lathe
We, then, convinced ourselves that only a small machine could precisely machine the smaller parts. With many years of experience, he now provides high-quality, affordable CNC lathe machines and much more.
SYIL AEX250 Precision CNC Lathe
In a rapidly changing era, we strive to keep up the pace of industrial, solid work, based on the development and manufacturing of machinery. Call
541-404-7999 and speak directly with Jeff. 
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